Q. What are your minimum requirements?
A. Our minimums start at just 72 pieces per style/color.

Q. What is your size break down?
A. Our size break down is as follows

Unless specified, sizes break down as follows in a 1-2-2-1 ratio

Q. How do I get pricing for your products?
A. You’ll need to register for an account to view pricing. We will then provide you with a line sheet as well. You can register here. 

Q. What are your price breaks?
A. Our price breaks are at 144, 300, 450 and 600 pieces. After being approved for an account, a line sheet with pricing and size break down details will be provided.

Q. How do I place my order?
A. You can order directly on the site once approved or fill out one of our easy to use order forms which can be emailed or faxed to us at 818.683.1176.

Q. Can I order samples?
A. Yes. We provide PFD (prepared for dye) sample pieces at the 72 unit price (size small only). You will need to be registered for an account to purchase samples.

Q. Do  you offer swatch cards?
A. At this time we do not offer swatch cards but you can view our color options on the website.

Q. How do I order custom sizes or styles?
A. For custom options please contact us directly at 800.524.2350. Please note you will need to have an account with us to place a custom order. Be sure to register here.

Q. Do you offer your organic pieces in smaller quantities than your stated minimums?
A. At this time our organic program is a custom dye program and not eligible for quantities of less than 72 pieces.