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on 12 Oct 2020 2:08 AM

Whether you're looking to give life to an old pair of leggings that's worn out or snagged or want to create a fun yoga legging for your customers, the ripped and braided DIY trend is for you. En edgy look is easy to acheive with a pair of scissors, measuring tape and chalk. Let's get started.


Choose Your Leggings
If you have a pair you're ready to recycle consider what parts are worn or ripped already to help plan out your look. New leggings can be cut and styled any way you'd like. A great choice is our Organic Leggings which come in full length and capri and are made from 100% pure and natural organic cotton blended with stretchy spandex for a comfortable fit and curve hugging look.


Mark out Your Cuts
Turn a apir of leggings inside out and put them on. Take a piece of chalk and mark out where you'd like to cut your rips. If you won't be going a step further to braid your cuts you can have an asymetrical cut pattern. For braided leggings simply mark how high up on the leg you want to start. You can do a side cut or front cut for either style.

Cut the Leggings
Carefully remove the marked leggings and lay on a flat surface. For simple cut leggings, take a pair of sharp scissors and cut where you've marked out the lines. For braided leggings, take your measuring tape and measure a 1/2" or 1" between each line you make. You will want to consider the overall patern you want when finished which will require some smaller and some larger width cuts. For both styles wash and hang dry the leggings to remove the chalk.


Braiding Your Leggings
You can get inspiration online for the many styles and variation you can create by simply cutting and braiding the pieces. Start at the top of your leg and pull the second section of cut fabric through and over the first, grab the 3rd section and pull it through and over the piece you've just pulled down. Continue this until you've reached the bottom of the leg where you can tie off the final piece remaining.


Cut and braided leggings are a fun and edgy way to add intrique to new or old leggings. It's a simple, cheap and reasonably quick process which allow you to have a whole new look. Once you've mastered the cut and braid you can combine these techniques to create intricate patterns. try cutting at an angle or adding multiple sections of braids on one leg and add extra non-braided cuts for interest and texture.

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