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on 12 Oct 2020 2:25 AM

A classic bodybuilding top, stringers, also known as singlets, are a popular way toshow off a muscular physique. Similar to tank top stringers are a sleveeless and light weight top designed to work out in however the stringer has eveolved into an outside the gym casual top as well. Stringers differ from regular tank top styles with a thin Y or T back design which accentuates the back muscles and thin straps which accentuate the arm muscles. Low cut sides show off a trim physique. So what is teh right way to wear a stringer? Consider whether the stringer style you're looking at is a fitted or loose fit garment. Fitted stringers will hug your body and are best for those who want to show off a flat stomach. Loose fit stringers have a nice drape and are prefered by those who like a better ease of movement working out or those who are not yet in the best shape overall. While some men are insecure and afraid of their nipples showing at the gym, most bodybuilders have no issue wearing a low cut side or scoop front tank top. Thios will be the case with a fitted or loose fit stringer. Fitted stringers won't move around as much on the body and loose fit will possibly feel more breathable and less restricting.


Choosing your size can be difficult. DId you know there is no universal size chart is existence? Each company will have their own sizing which will vary and is usually determined by a fit model when the garment is designed. Look at the size chart offered by the company to get an idea of their sizing and compare that infomration to an existing garment you own that is similiar (a standard tank top would be fine). You can always choose two sizes for comparison and return the one that doesn't fit as well. For a loose fit stringer you will want your stringer to fit securely on top through the chest and lightly flow out below the chest. There should not be too much excess fabric. the length should hit just below your waistband though some styles are offered with a longer overall design ending below the butt. Fitted stringers will sit higher up and will usually have a bit of excess in the length so that it can have a relaxed feel and not be pulled skin tight down the stomach. The rest of the garment should be tight but not enough to restrict movement. The neckline will vary by design but will often show off the chest muscles without hitting below the nipple line.


Consider whether teh cmpany you buy your stringers from offers American sizing. You will find many cheap stringers for sale on popular sites however they are often designed for small Asian men and the sizing will not be appropriate for the average American male. Choose companies who have their products made in teh USA or at least designed in the USA to get the best sizing overall. Our collection of stringer tank tops for men are designed and produced by us here in the USA with consitent sizing and quality throughout.

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