• Face Masks
on 15 Sep 2020 11:37 PM

While the pandemic feels like like it will never end we know that wearing a face covering is one of the best ways you can help slow the spread if the virus. With so many people looking for the most comfortable and attractive masks it's a great time to do a custom order of your own design. While cotton is the go to for face masks you can also consider other materials like moisture wicking polyester, eco conscious organic cotton or a combination of fabrics with multiple layers. Consider ear loops vs ties, pleated vs smooth and the overall fit of the product. 

Select from already dyed fabric offered in an array of solid colors to give you the look you want. Or consider doing a custom dyed mask in solid or specialty washes. Tie dye is popular again but don't limit yourself. With a large selection of dying options you can achieve a mask that's fully unique. Printing will also give you the opportunity to make a face mask that will directly appeal to your existing customers. Something political, something fun or something funny. Be sure to consider the convex surface of the mask when it's being worn when deciding on placement, size and overall design it your print. Choose an all over print that matches your brand's aesthetic; think delicate faded floral patterns or navy and white pinstripes. And since the coranavirus doesn't seem to be disappearing any time soon plan for holiday mask designs for Christmas, Chanukah, New Years and beyond. 

Your mask design should take into account comfort, fit, look and most importantly safety. The right fit with no gaps and a high quality fabric ( thick enough to provide a barrier) are simple ways to make a mask everyone wants to buy. Elastic ear loops are more efficient than ties but don't give a fully custom fit. Maybe adding an additional elastic on back will give you the edge you need to stand apart from the rest. Pleated designs provide a more custom fit as they expand to fit a variety of face shapes and sizes but may be an excess of fabric for some people. Smooth designs can be one solid panel or multiple panels to be further form fitting. The design possibilities are endless and the only limit if your imagination.


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